Study In Turkey From Pakistan

Turkey is a beautiful country that attracts a lot of tourists. A common goal of ambitious students is to study in Turkey. Scholarships are available, the country’s rich cultural heritage, and reasonably priced living and tuition costs draw students from around the world. The desire to study in Turkey is further fueled by the scholarship opportunities that Turkish universities specifically offer to Pakistani students. Notably, Turkish universities constantly receive excellent global rankings.
Turkey offers excellent education at an affordable price, with living and tuition costs significantly cheaper than in many other European nations. This is in addition to the country’s high standard of education. Many Turkish universities provide excellent scholarships that pay for living expenses as well as tuition, giving students substantial financial support.

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Leading Turkish universities in Pakistan are represented by IECS, a top study abroad consultant for Turkey in Karachi with certification from the British Council. If you intend to pursue higher education in Turkey, you’ve come to the correct spot. Numerous Pakistani students have been enrolled in Turkish universities due to the work we did on their Turkey student visas. Make an appointment with a licensed student counselor to discuss your possibilities for studying in Turkey while you’re still in Pakistan.

Study In Turkey From Pakistan

Cost to study in Turkey For Pakistani Students

The language you choose to study in Turkey will determine most of your costs. Turkish universities provide programs in both Turkish and English. However, when compared to other European countries like Canada or Australia, studying in Turkey appears to be more affordable. Here are the specifics:

Study ProgramAverage Annual 2023 Tuition Fees in USD
Bachelor’s degree In English 450 USD to 1200
Master’s degree In English 600 USD to 900 USD
  • 350-500 USD/month on living expenses
  • an extra 100-150 USD/semester on books and administrative fees
  • between 40-70 USD/year on health insurance

Student Visa for Turkey

If a Pakistani student plans to attend a university in Turkey, they must apply for a student visa. Obtaining a visa can be a bit complicated, but at IECS, we take the complexity to a whole new level. We will take care of both your university acceptance letter and Turkey visa application. Make an appointment with a British Council student advisor and start the application process for a student visa to Turkey.

Why Choose Turkey For Study

  1. Excellent Education: Turkish universities provide excellent education that is internationally acclaimed for its academic caliber and wide range of programs offered in everything from business administration to medicine.
  2. Multicultural Environment: Turkey is a multicultural nation that welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds. As a result of the mutual respect between the two countries, students from Pakistan will find it relatively easy to adapt to Turkey’s culture. People from all over the world choose Turkey for their educational requirements.
  3. Language Options: Courses are offered in English at universities, which makes it simpler for Pakistani students. However, if you are a quick learner, learning Turkish can help you further in terms of future opportunities and cultural integration.
  4. Affordability: Tuition fees and living expenses in Turkey are relatively lower when compared to other countries such as Canada, Australia, and other European countries, making study easily affordable for Pakistani students.
    Historical and Cultural Richness: Turkey has one of the strongest histories of any country, and in their spare time, students can spend their free time learning about its varied cultural heritage, rich history, and breathtaking scenery.
  5. Strategic Ideal Location: Since Turkey is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, studying in Turkey exposes students to various cultures while also providing a strategic advantage for networking and future career opportunities.
    Scholarship Opportunities: The majority of Turkish universities provide Pakistani students with grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid. Speak to our IECS consultant, and we’ll work to ensure that you are awarded a scholarship.
  6. Modern Facilities: To ensure a favorable atmosphere for learning and research, all universities are outfitted with state-of-the-art buildings, laboratories, and resources.
  7. Warm Hospitality: Foreign students are made to feel at home and at ease in their new surroundings by the friendly hospitality of the Turkish people.
    International Recognition: Graduates of Turkish universities have access to employment and postgraduate study opportunities across the globe thanks to their degrees’ international recognition. Make an appointment with a British Council consultant who is registered, and start your study abroad journey in Turkey from Pakistan.