Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa

The Skilled Nominated Visa category for Australian immigrants is designed to pinpoint occupations in high demand within a specific state or territory of Australia. This visa, known as the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), operates on an invitation-based system. Successful applicants who receive an invitation are granted permanent residency in Australia, allowing them to work, study, and pursue their interests in the country.


The Subclass 190 Visa, also known as the Skilled Nominated Visa, is a popular choice for Pakistanis and many other immigrants due to its various advantages. Here’s why the 190 Visa is considered ideal for workers :

It’s a visa program for which you must be invited. Successful applicants are granted permanent residency in Australia, where they can work, study, and pursue other interests. 

IECS is an Australian registered immigration firm with experienced people of Australian law and we have a high success ratio in getting skilled nominated visas for Pakistani skilled professionals if you want to be the one to take the first step and get your assessment done or book your appointment with one of best immigration firm for skilled migration.

Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa Advantages

  1. Permanent Residency: The Subclass 190 Visa offers permanent residency in Australia.

  2. Work and Study Opportunities: With the Subclass 190 Visa, you have the right to work and study in Australia. This is a significant advantage for Pakistanis who are looking to pursue higher education or seek employment opportunities in Australia.

  3. Healthcare and Social Benefits: As a permanent resident, you can access Australia’s healthcare system, which is known for its high quality. You are also entitled to various social benefits, making it an attractive option for Indians looking for a better quality of life.

  4. Family migration : The 190 Visa allows you to include eligible family members in your application its one of the ideal pathways to move with your family out of Pakistan.

  5. Pathway to Citizenship: After living in Australia on a 190 Visa for a certain period of time and meeting the eligibility criteria, you can apply for Australian citizenship. This can be a long-term goal for many people in Pakistani who is looking for dual passport.

Eligibility Check For 190 Visa

  • When you submit your EOI, you are under the age of 45.
  • You’ve received a skill evaluation that’s been approved.
  • Your occupation is in demand, as shown by the occupation list.
  • Our health requirements must be met by you and any family members who apply for the visa with you.
  • You must be fluent and knowledgeable in English by the time you submit your application.

Why You Should Choose IECS For Subclass 189 VISA

IECS registered Australian migration firm with high success ratio in skilled worker immigration to Australia. Above all, we have assisted so many skilled professionals in moving to Australia from Pakistan trough this visa stream. with firsthand knowledge of the Australian immigration law system. our immigration and solicitors team will provide you with attentive service. If you are eligible, we will appoint a dedicated consultant to assist you in preparing, obtaining a skills assessment, preparing and submitting your EOI, and preparing and submitting your visa application. At every step of the immigration process, we ensure that you get the best possible outcome.

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