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More people than ever before are able to immigrate to Canada. In every sector of the economy, skilled labor is in severe shortage in Canada. Immigration officials in Canada are giving priority to those who can help the economy of the nation. The economy of Canada benefits from skilled immigration, which makes it a desirable destination for migrants.
Pakistanis who are looking for new opportunities and a higher standard of living frequently travel to Canada. It is well known for having a diverse and friendly community. The nation is known for being a place where people from various backgrounds can find opportunities and has a long history of immigration. Professionals from Pakistan find Canada especially attractive for a number of reasons.

Canada Skilled Immigration Consultant

Are you a Pakistani citizen who is looking to become a permanent resident of Canada? You have a number of options at your fingertips, including work and study pathways as well as economic and family class programs. There are many options to investigate with more than 100 economic-class programs, such as the Provincial Nominee Programs and the Canada Express Entry managed programs. If you have the required work experience, skills, and academic qualifications, skilled immigration to Canada is a great choice. The best immigration services are provided by our immigration consultants.


  • Perfect for Managers of Companies Experts in IT Engineering

  • Canada plans 465K new permanent residents in 2023 and will touch the 500K mark in 2025.

  • It gives residents a high quality of life and is consistently ranked in the top three.

  • Perfect for Managers of Companies Experts in IT Engineering & Medical Professionals

  • Several programs offer simple permanent residency for five years, with the possibility of eventual Canadian citizenship.

  • Business opportunities and visa-free travel to 115 countries are offered by the nation.

Why Canada Is Ideal For Skilled Professionals

An individual can become a permanent resident of Canada by entering with a skilled immigrant visa. This implies that the applicant will not have to reapply for a further five years after receiving their visa. Before the applicant is qualified for a visa, they also need to fulfill a few requirements. If a person is extremely skilled and educated, this is the best route to immigration to Canada.
Obtaining a skilled visa may be the best course of action for you if you are interested in moving permanently to Canada. There are several reasons why you should apply for one. First, there are various kinds of visas that can be obtained. Second, there are two options for entering Canada: The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and the Express Entry system. Third, even if you have no prior work experience in Canada, you are still eligible to apply for a visa. Fourth, you are able to apply for more than one visa at once. Fifth, a visa application can be submitted online. Sixth, you don’t need to visit Canada to apply for your visa. Lastly, you have the option to apply online for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). In the end, after residing in Canada for three years, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence.


Express Entry Programs

1. Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW):
The Federal Skilled Worker Visa for Canada Program evaluates all visa applications for immigration to Canada based on the applicant’s potential to settle and grow economically in Canada. Their evaluation is predicated on their educational background, proficiency in either English or French, and prior employment experience relevant to the skill sets mandated by the National Occupation Classification.
The categories of skill types for immigration to Canada are as follows:
Skill Type 0 – Management Jobs
Skill Level A – Professionals (jobs requiring a university degree)
Skill Level B – technical skills (jobs requiring college diplomas)
Skill Level C – Intermediate Jobs (jobs requiring high school certificate or job training)
Skill Level D – Labor Jobs (with job training)
2. Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTC):
The Federal Skilled Trades Program is available to qualified workers who exhibit the capacity to integrate successfully into the Canadian economy following their immigration. Applicants with relevant certifications or job offers are permitted to work in various fields of occupation to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada in any province other than Quebec under this program.
The candidates should meet the minimum English language proficiency requirement and have at least two job offers from Canadian companies with a minimum work duration of one year.
3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC):
The Canadian Experience Class is for people who are temporarily working in Canada as foreign skilled workers and want to apply for permanent residency. Since they have already worked in Canada and adapted to the country’s culture and economics, candidates for CEC are excellent candidates for immigration to Canada. Before the deadline for applying for a skilled work visa to Canada, the applicant must have at least one year of professional work experience or thirty-six months of skilled work experience in Canada. In addition, they must be fluent in the English language and intend to reside and work in Canada.
Benefits for International Students:
CEC is a very good choice for foreign students attending Canadian universities. This is due to the fact that the majority of students have the ability to remain in Canada upon program completion by means of a Graduate work permit. They can apply for CEC through the express entry program after they have worked for a year during this time.
4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):
The Canadian provinces and territories nominate skilled workers to immigrate and settle in Canada through Provincial Nominee Programs. The nominated applicants may immigrate to Canada in their respective provinces, as per a mutual agreement between the participating provinces and CIC. Based on the applicant’s ability to live and work in the province and meet the skill requirements, each province has established its own nomination criteria in an effort to support regional development.


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